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"Kate allowed our daughter to be herself,  without judgement or artistic boundaries."

"Kate has been a special part of our lives for 5 years. She has such a special quality, instantly creating a bond with our daughter and showing

a level of care and understanding that will stay with us forever. Through mindfulness and

passion for creativity, Kate unlocked and allowed our daughter to be herself, without judgement

or artistic boundaries. 

Thanks to Kate, our 10 year old daughter regularly practises mindfulness and is able to find calm and an understanding within herself.  She has also flourished beyond belief in her artistic ability and loses herself in project after project.  Kate is kind, always listens without judgement and is an exciting person for children and adults to be with.


As parents of a child with ASD, in Kate we've been blessed to find someone who can understand and anticipate our daughter's additional needs, and unlock through art and mindfulness the calmness, confidence and resilience she needs to navigate through life.


Kate has a rare ability to communicate as well with us as parents on our daughter's development and needs, as she can with a child who can find relationships with others challenging. She is as important to us as an educator to our daughter, as she is a role model for our child."

Stuart and Cherry Forrest, Parents (2020)


"In every area of my personal and

 professional life, Kate has guided

 me to be healthier and happier."


"Everyone should have a Life Coach. In the same way you need to take care of your body with plenty of movement and nutritious food, I encourage everyone to take good care of their mind. Everyone should have a Kate Andrews! 


I have enjoyed the magic of having sessions with Kate for almost a year and the positive impact

on my life is hard to even quantify. In every area of my personal and professional life, she has guided me to be healthier and happier. Her techniques are so clever and empowering.

Signing up for coaching is the best decision I have made in a long time."

Ruby Bone, Coachee (2019)


"Kate has been the most amazing art teacher I will probably ever have. Not only has she taught me how to be creative, she has taught me how to use art to be mindful - to be in the moment.


Kate has given me so many opportunities throughout my primary education - one of them being setting up and performing in Fashioned from Paper - a fashion show I did with my friends in 2019. I will never ever forget that! Kate has shown me how to find a flow with my art and to do what makes me happy. Thank you Kate, I will never forget you."

Student, age 11 (2020)


"Kate is an absolute joy to work with;

 insightful and wildly intelligent."


"Kate has a knack for making children feel heard and seen for exactly who they are - an extraordinary gift, especially during a time in their lives when 'fitting in' plays such an enormous role in their social experience."

"Our son has been so fortunate to have had Kate in his life for so many years. His whole primary school experience would have been different without Kate and all who have worked for her. Kate helped our son find success and made him feel successful. She inspired him, nurtured him, and helped him to find his thing in the world. We and he cannot thank Kate enough."

Suzie and Tom Scott, Parents (2020)

"Kate has worked with my oldest daughter (aged 8) for several years in a classroom setting, and on a one-to-one and small virtual classroom setting over the recent months. Her gentle approach to wellness and emotion recognition through art-based learning and practical exercises has helped my daughter to understand, name, and begin to grapple with complicated feelings including anxiety, self-doubt, and worry. She is now beginning to learn how to let some of them go and it has been an absolute joy to watch! Kate is wonderfully student-focused. She has a knack for making children feel heard and seen for exactly who they are; an extraordinary gift especially during a time in their lives when 'fitting in' plays an enormous role in their social experience. We are so grateful to Kate for the tools she has given us all."

Adrienne Katz Kennedy, Parent (2020)

"Kate's an absolute joy to work with; insightful and wildly intelligent, she has the capacity to clearly see where others might flounder. Add to this her charm and humility and you have a fantastic person to work with in any capacity."


Barry J Gibb, PhD (2013)

"We've been extraordinarily lucky to have Kate and her company SketchBetter in our children's lives for so many years. I thought my heart was going to burst with pride last summer as I watched my daughter and her peers perform in a fashion show at the Rose Theatre. These are memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you for all the opportunities, and the support you have given, to my daughter especially."

Claire Leedham, Parent (2020)

"I have benefitted so much from my sessions with Kate. Her coaching techniques and approach have helped me learn how to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Kate has helped me build my confidence too, in both my personal and professional lives, and I cannot thank her enough! I found Kate through a recommendation from a friend and it is the best investment I have ever made in myself."

Imogen, Coachee (2018)

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 14.50.49.png

"Kate helped our son find success and made

him feel successful. Kate inspired him, nurtured him and helped him find his thing in the world."


"Ambitious, creative and a natural networker. Kate has her talented hands in many opportunities, which reflected in her ability to create innovative designs for multiple industries and platforms. Her quest to analyse, break apart and reinvent design and creativity manifests in her theories, philosophies and design values. Always nudging the boundaries of what could be possible, Kate is a great asset to an organisation that is willing to offer creative freedom and take the challenge to be pushed to new spaces" 


Kyle Hermans, Employer (2009)

"Kate is a fantastic teacher and mentor. She uses different creative mediums to enhance children's confidence and talents. Kate, you do not know how powerful you are and what inspiration you create in children's hearts. They will remember you forever. Please keep doing what you do - you are giving young people a very unique opportunity."

Viraji Dias, Parent (2018)

"Kate has been, and continues to be, the most wonderful teacher and mentor to my daughter Mia.

Her love of art and creativity has inspired Mia to explore her own passion for painting, creating, drawing and sewing and the two have had such fun finding new ways to express their creative talents.

Kate was also a wonderful support during the early weeks of lockdown when she ran Mindful Mornings online with a group of children to help them with any anxieties they had. She taught them to keep focused on the present moment and to understand the power of gratitude. Her sweet and gentle morning sessions became the most beautiful start to Mia’s day and she always came away feeling happier, calmer and ready to take the day on.

Kate is kind and spiritual and gives 100% to anything she is passionate about, whether that be art or teaching mindfulness. We are so lucky to have her in our lives." ️

Yvonne Winborn, Parent (2020)

"Not only has Kate taught me how to be creative, she has taught me how to use

art to be mindful - to be in the moment."


"I am SO GRATEFUL for the difference Kate makes to young lives in our community. Using her ability and passion to help young people identify their personal strengths, Kate delicately and efficiently scaffolds the journey they take with her. This careful support results in huge opportunities for emotional well-being and purpose in life. 


Kate uses both personal experience and strong self-awareness to motivate and free those she cares for, releasing them to know themselves better and to become emotionally intelligent adults.


Kate uses her gifts to make a difference. Her students, similarly, then embrace their unique gifts - now and in the future - following her example to make a difference in the world around them.


Our family thank God for Kate and the difference she makes."

Janine Sawyer, Parent (2020)

"We're just back from Kate's art show at Alexandra School. I am totally bowled over by the standard on display, and this clearly amazingly structured, yet highly creative approach to teaching the arts. So MANY astonishingly clever things going on! What incredibly lucky kids they are - it's the best extramural club by miles!!"

Sanchia Norman, Parent (2019)

"Kate is a bubbly, excitable and wonderful person to work with. I have had so much fun working with Kate because of the person she is and the seemingly never ending flow of creative ideas, but also because of her passion for education and creativity. This shared passion and sense of joint purpose has made working together very exciting. There were days when my heart literally skipped a beat as I opened a new design that Kate sent."

Tessy Britton. Client (2007)

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