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Story Spheres

“Knowing your emotional state in the moment – joy, sadness, fear – is mindfulness.”

Shapiro and Carlson, 2009

A mindful drawing intervention, designed to teach mindfulness, engage creative aptitude and reduce anxiety.

Story Spheres is an independent activity involving drawing and sharing one’s present moment feelings. The principle aim of the Story Spheres intervention is to offer a creative opportunity to connect with the present moment – to become aware of current feelings – essentially to be mindful.

Story Spheres begin with a 10cm circle, which the artist uses as a prompt to draw patterns, shapes or illustrations to capture ones present moment emotion(s). How are you feeling in this moment? What colour is the feeling? What shape? With a nod to Indian Mandalas (a spiritual symbol representing the universe) and Zentangles (drawing of repeat patterns), the circular prompt allows individuals to focus on the moment and visualise their feelings.

“The circle always points to the single most vital aspect of life

– its ultimate wholeness.” 

Carl Jung

“Mindfulness is more akin to an art form that one develops over time, and it is greatly enhanced through regular disciplined practice, both formally and informally on a daily basis.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Children from the age of 5 can easily draw a Story Sphere. Here are some wonderful examples of how some of the children I've worked with captured their feelings.

Through classes, workshops and online submissions I've taught 1000s of people to use Story Spheres methodology to acknowledge and visualise emotions.

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