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Mindful Mornings

A voluntary art and mindfulness class for children and their families, run throughout the UK school closures due to COVID-19.

Every morning at 10am, I led a free interactive class for friends, family and as many previous students as I could reach. In the daily lesson hosted live on Facebook, I taught children about mindfulness, meditation and Positive Psychology tools to support their well-being and mental health. Every morning we would check in with our happiness levels, practice grounding and breathing exercises, do drawing activities and pick colours for the day ahead. Over 10 weeks, between March-May 2020, I ran fifty morning sessions, and had children and families tuning in from across the UK as well as globally from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Illinois.


Thanks to Mandi Taylor for the logo design, and Linnéa Kempe for the magical jingle.

"Thank you, Kate!

We will take all the techniques you have taught us in our imaginary backpack

we carry everywhere. Thank you xxx"

Amelia, age 11

"Thank you Kate for

all of these incredible sessions and helping

us through these hard times. You are an inspiration to us all

and we will keep being mindful all through life, using the practices you have showed us.​"

Mia, age 11

"Seeing all our children chatting on Kate Andrews' daily live streams, using our Facebook accounts

is such heartwarming stuff. Thank you

Kate, you are an absolute legend."

Stuart Forrest, Parent

"Thank you so much, Kate. I will never

ever forget Mindful Mornings. I am so grateful for you."

Gabi, age 11

Children's Mindfulness Practices

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