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Fashioned from Paper, January-July 2019


A fashion show unlike any other. Exquisite wearable garments made entirely from paper, and created by kids.

Three ten year old Kingston students led a six-month project to celebrate paper and fashion, culminating in a catwalk show live at the Rose Theatre, for the International Youth Arts Festival 2019. The Year 5 students spent half a year planning, researching and designing fashion from paper, and culminated in creating 10 wearable garments. The empowered students made sketchbooks, held a 'making day', wrote a speech, explored every paper fold, choose music for the catwalk and modelled at the Rose Theatre. This project caught the attention of BBC 1 and led to a feature on Sunday Morning Live in July 2019, about the power of art for mental health.

Stage set design by Helen Coyston. Photography and film by Hayley Bray.

Video (1 minute highlights)

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